Vincent Kompany vs Man United – Match Compilation – 12.02.11

Vincent Kompany Video clip Score: five / 5

25 Responses to “Vincent Kompany vs Man United – Match Compilation – 12.02.11”

  1. redengo says:

    I actually like City, at least their fans are from Manchester. The next generation of glory hunters will support City (who will be dominating europe with in 3 years) So United will become shit because 95% of all there shirts/merchandise comes from people who have only ever been to 3 of there games in their life. True fact.

    From a West Brom fan. Yes, i support a local team, take note people ;) X

  2. DomesofDoom says:

    @United2o11 The ball only came to him because it was deflected. Kompany already stood in the right place, had the ball not been deflected. But great goal though. Top strikers need only one chance.

  3. United2o11 says:

    People slating Rooney, yet he scored goals of the century in this match while Kompany can only watch on.

  4. pulsengine says:

    Quality defender, would love to have him at Chelsea

  5. daly0707 says:

    @MikeJ2k9 ….and then scores an absolute wonder to put shitty in their place once again

  6. SUFY91 says:

    3:10 Lol ring any bells people? 7/8/11 HaHa =D

  7. zwilko360 says:

    you really did mean ‘every’ touch

  8. Shapper8 says:

    My favorite player… I remember him on his first game with Anderlecht when he was just 16 : already pure class, already eating his opponents… I was 15 and I thought “Wtf ? He’s just one year older than me and he’s playing in like THIS ?”. He’s the best Anderlecht player of the past ten years, and he’s becoming one of the world’s best defender. In my opinion, only Vidic and Piqué are better than him but the first one is older and the second one plays for Barcelona.

  9. mathieus1989 says:

    Vincent wanneer ga je naar FC barcelona!!!

  10. 111thomas1111 says:

    Vince the prince…

  11. 111thomas1111 says:

    2:24 rooney takes tries and fails. hahaha

  12. 2gay2die2day says:

    @TheAntMcfc Finally there’s a vid showing how a CB is defending, normally you just see their goals…
    thanks for the awesome vid

  13. slentzz says:

    @DaGunnersRvP hahahahaha lol that is so true well said. :-)

  14. ttr15 says:

    @FlorentChif so he should, it’s his job haha. even so, he’s a class act. id be willing to bet he is the best centre back in the prem next year! (he might have been last year)

  15. Aeolus14 says:

    lmao mancini’s english has improved. love his “fack off”

  16. ardiesken says:

    It’s a shame a WORLD class player like him hasn’t more videos… he could play easily in barcelona

  17. FlorentChif says:

    @ttr15 he studies habit, moves etc of each players of the other team before the match (true story)

  18. FlorentChif says:

    @Transfluminem just shut up…

  19. Transfluminem says:

    One touch isn’t included. Right after he makes that brilliant tackle on Rooney (at 4:14) in the penalty area, he takes over the ball from his teammate but hits the ball to hard so that it ends up right in the feet of Nani, which gave Manu a huge opportunity. Luckily for Kompany, it worked out as Manu didn’t score.

  20. carlosdaniel2147 says:

    When will they play?

  21. ReflectBarZie says:

    Vince the Prince of Anderlecht, became King Vincent!

  22. ttr15 says:

    his anticipation is amazing. its like he knows whats going to happen before it does

  23. kevinpp says:

    Ik eis dat hij zen laatste jaren bij Anderlecht uitdoet :p

  24. stync11 says:

    great performance by kompany, but the best moment of the match is not included, there where rooney is away from kompany…

  25. driess1 says:

    Belgium’s finest! :)