There have been suggestions that former manager Roberto Mancini fell out with defender Vincent Kompany at the end of last season. The Belgian defender was heavily criticised by the Italian for taking part in the international matches after just a few days after coming back from a major injury. Kompany was not available for selection at the club level, which infuriated Mancini. Kompany is known to have a great relationship with Belgian national team manager Marc Wilmots.

The defender, who has managed to establish himself as a captain and important member of the City team, has said that he had no grudges against Mancini as every manager is different. He has said that there is not one manager who is capable of saying that he knows everything. It is about learning from different managers as we go along in the career according to Kompany. The 28-year-old defender, though, criticised the attitude of Mancini for criticising him for taking part in the international matches.

Kompany missed out on several matches after being out for a couple of months. The captain has said that he is now back to his best and is feeling extremely confident that he will be able to give his 100% to the club over the new season.

“I think out of experience you have different managers and different styles. There is not one manager who can say he knows it all. Even the best managers in the world have deficiencies. You learn from every manager. I have learned a certain way from Wilmots, I have learned from Mancini and I learned from [former Manchester City boss] Mark Hughes. I have concentrated on the positives,” said the Belgian defender.

City appointed former Malaga manager Manuel Pellegrini as the replacement for Mancini. This is the first time the South American is working in the Premier league.