Zlatan Ibrahimovic once said it was like a group of school kids taking summer lessons from an old headmaster when queried on what the atmosphere of working with current City Coach Pep Guardiola was like.

Despite overseeing perhaps the most dominant era exhibited by a particular club in recent times, Guardiola never found it easy working with ego-massage-needing players. From falling out with Ronaldinho and then subsequently almost every big name that later joined the side reportedly against the better judgment of the Catalan-born coach.

At Manchester City, given the recruitment policy that makes them appear in the full image of the money bag they are, chances of the Spaniard clashing with alter-egos was inevitable.

Although Yaya Toure, who he reportedly never liked while at Barcelona, seemed to have reignited the silent hostility of few years ago, later appearances of the Ivorian in most of The Citizens’ starting line-up seems suggests they patched things up.

That is why it is no surprise at City’s straightforward statement of not needing Samir Nasri’s services at the Etihad. The manner with which the French man left Arsenal and his subsequent controversies at Man City and Sevilla showed how not very good he might be at following the Spaniard’s orders to the letter.

One of the most important qualities Guardiola has used to achieve results throughout his short but successful career as a coach is his undying love of total submission of loyalty from his players.

It is the reason he was able to convince Lionel Messi on the need to change his diet so he could become the world beater that he is today. Ronaldinho didn’t have any of it back then and the Spaniard wasted no time in dropping the Brazilian despite his god-like status and handed the platform to the diminutive Argentine.

No surprise then in how he handled Nasri.