Pelligrini Uncertain If Key Players Can Be Used

The World Cup is an event that is celebrated after 4 years and it unites nations and fans from all over the globe as they watch their respective countries and teams battle it out in the international stage but this comes with a price for the players as they have less time to lay back and simply have a few days off and just rest, this is the case with Vincent Kompany and a few other players not only in the squad of Manuel Pellegrini in Manchester City but clubs everywhere.

While players have the chance to display their skills at a global stage it’s also a risk for players as they are threatened to get injured which is what happened with Barcelona’s Neymar as he was unable to play in all of the matches for Brazil during the 2014 World Cup after sustaining an injury that will be leaving him out of action for around 5 weeks but he is expected to make it just barely in time for the start of the next season of the Spanish League, La Liga.

Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany plays a vital role not only for his club but for his nation as the Belgium defender is the captain for both of his teams and already has experience performing at the highest level in some of the biggest stages in the world.

The head coach of Manchester City, Manuel Pellegrini now remains uncertain and fears if some of his key players will be able to play in the early stages of the upcoming Premier League season.

Manuel Pellegrini said: “The five players who arrived last Thursday were: Hart, Milner, Yaya, Silva and Dzeko, I think that they will be ready for the Premier League. We will with see the rest of the players who arrive next Monday. Can they be fit in 15 days? Maybe not all of them will do it’’

The pre-season schedule of Manchester City includes matches against: Ac.Milan, Liverpool, Heart of Midlothian, and Sporting Kansas City with some of those matches simply being friendly while others are matches of the International Champions Cup. A lot of the main stars of the team have been absent and this puts into question if those players will be able to get ready for the next season having returned from their World Cup ventures and trained with their respective clubs for a short period of time.