Vincent Kompany gets disheartened in Premier League

Chelsea might be getting too far ahead in the Premier League title race, but, the Manchester City skipper Vincent Kompany has not got disheartened at all.

The Belgian is taking heart from the fact that City has come from behind and overtaken the table leaders to win the league a couple of times in the recent years.

He is quite confident that his boys can do it again.

The previous season, Liverpool had 9 points more than City with just three weeks remaining in the season.

The Sky Blues turned it all around from that position. So, they have every right to believe that they can nullify this 5-point lead of Chelsea as well.

However, if one analyzes the situation technically and realistically, he would say it’s more than just tough for City to do what they did in 2012 and then, in 2014 again.

City will have to be charismatic and consistent too to get past Chelsea from here.

Recently, City could have eaten up some of Chelsea’s points’ lead by beating them in the game that happened at Stamford Bridge, but, they could only get one point there, letting the Blues be able to maintain their advantage.

Kompany, however, reckons it was far from being a bad result for City there in London.

According to Kompany, after being 0-1 down, to walk away with one point, it suggests City played some good Football in the back end of that game.

Speaking to the press, the centre half said, “It’s not impossible for us by any means. We are quite confident and would keep pushing for it till the very end. It’s only 5 points. We are not going to let the title go away easily.”

“Today’s result was okay I believe. They were 1-0 up and then, we got the draw. So, I would not say I am disappointed.”