Vincent Kompany Keeps Up His Fitness Levels

Many players who stop being active on the field often like to stay behind the curtains even after their professional career comes to an end.

Vincent Kompany is one such player. He was skipper of Man City. Such an illustrious title and achievement definitely cannot have him withdrawing from the scenes completely. Predictably, he is now working with the media for covering Euro 2016 as he recovers from a leg injury. He is also building on his fitness levels at the same time. If you think that the summer job he has taken at Euro 2016 is simply a leisure activity for him, you would be wrong. He has been a skipper and hence, one would expect him to stay active even if he is off the field. He did not lead Belgium this time, but he is definitely working on his fitness problem. Having suffered a thigh injury he might miss out the beginning of the upcoming Premier League season. However, his boss will be pleased to see that the dedicated skipper is taking his fitness seriously and doing what he can to speed up his recovery. He wishes to be part of the new season as soon as he can and that has kept him on an exercise bike as well as working with weights which would help him get back to fighting fitness. He is updating his fitness regime regularly on his Instagram account.

As he stated recently, he is keen to get back on the field and aid his team in the best way he can. Even though this current tournament sees him in the role of a pundit, he is definitely also urging his team members to take up new heights of fitness which they need to challenge themselves with. It would certainly help them in the upcoming season’s matches.